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Would you like to learn more information about microscopes and their impact on the world? Read some of our microscope blog articles!

5 Reasons Why the LED-3000 is at the Top of the Ring Light List

Proper illumination of a sample is nearly as important as magnification and optics when using a stereo microscope. Production, assembly, rework, inspection and quality control environments demand a ring light...

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Understanding the Importance of ESD in Electronics Manufacturing

Ho do you prevent ESD in electronics manufacturing? Common questions are answered.

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Why LX Microscopes by UNITRON?

Previously known as LUXO Microscopes by UNITRON, LX Microscopes by UNITRON® are designed to withstand the rigors of production and inspection environments. With 40-years’ experience delivering a complete line of...

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LX Microscopes by UNITRON® -- A 3-Year-Old Name with a 40-Year-Old History

The LX Microscopes by UNITRON brand  (formerly LUXO Microscopes) has a 40-year history of delivering robust, dependable microscopes with superb quality. Rebranded as LX Microscopes by UNITRON  3 years ago...

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The Case of the Lindbergh Kidnapping: How a Microscope Changed the Course of a National Investigation

The Lindbergh kidnapping is an important moment in history for crime-solving. Discover how the use of microscopes enhanced forensics during this case.

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How Forensic Teams Are Solving Crimes with the Help of Microscopic Algae

Microscopic algae are important pieces of evidence for investigations. Find out why forensic scientists look at diatoms and what these algae reveal about a crime.

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Forensic Ballistics: Changing the Way Gun Crimes Are Solved

Technological advancements in forensic ballistics are transforming criminal investigations. Learn about these different ways ballistics is improving.

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An Introduction to the Comparison Forensic Microscope

The comparison microscope has become a crucial tool in the field of forensic science. These microscopes are the ideal tool to use when comparing samples or specimens side-by-side, simultaneously. Once considered only a trend in forensic fields such as ballistics, the comparison microscope has become a foundational element in forensic examinations worldwide. Continue reading

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How to Select the Right Digital Camera for Your Microscope

Sharing what you see under a microscope used to mean having someone else physically look into the instrument you were using. Today, digital cameras for microscopes make it easier than ever to share images with your students, colleagues, other professionals in your field, or anyone around the world. Continue reading

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Optical vs. Digital Microscopes: Which Is Better for Your Application?

Both digital and optical, or traditional, microscopes have made significant advancements in the past 50 years. At UNITRON, we recognize that there is a need for both types of microscopes...

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