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If you’re curious about what’s happening in the world of microscope technology, our news page will help keep you up to date!

Benefits of Using Digital Microscopes to Improve Quality Control

The success of a product largely depends on quality control checks. Discover how a digital microscope can improve your quality control processes.

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UNITRON Introduces New LED Ring Light with Near-Vertical Illumination

[March 2022] UNITRON is pleased to introduce our new LED ring light featuring near-vertical illumination. The CAT# 15875 ring light features a small (removable) LED that is positioned between the...

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UNITRON Expands LX Microscopes by UNITRON® Product Line for Inspection

Commack, NY [October 2020] – UNITRON Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of three new microscope systems to its market-leading LX Microscopes by UNITRON product line for industrial inspection...

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UNITRON Reviews the Differences Between Digital and Optical Microscopes

UNITRON Ltd., a trusted manufacturer of microscopes for an array of industrial applications, highlights some of the differences between digital and optical microscopes and their distinct advantages. While both have...

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UNITRON Ltd. Renames Industrial Microscope Product Line

Same Great Products, New Name Commack, NY [August 1, 2020] — UNITRON Ltd., a leading manufacturer of precision instruments for electronics, industrial, metallurgical, materials science, research, and educational applications, has...

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Compound vs. Stereo Microscopes: What’s the Difference?

Different microscopes have different uses, and being familiar with any given instrument’s specifications can help you choose the right tool for the job. Whether you're trying to get into a new hobby, a seasoned technician inspecting a part you made in a machine shop, or buying a gift for the gemologist or coin collector in your life, it is highly beneficial to know what microscope is best for your desired purpose and why. UNITRON makes specialized microscopes for a full range of applications ranging from forensics to metallurgy,  but most of these scopes fall into two main categories: stereo and compound (“upright” or “inverted”). Continue reading

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UNITRON Bolsters Sales Channel Support

[April 2020] – UNITRON Ltd. is pleased to announce the hiring of Andrew Gerson as Director of Sales for BioScience and Materials Microscopy.  In this newly created position, Andrew will...

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UNITRON Ltd. Responds to the COVID-19 Situation

With the serious health issues surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the health and safety of our customers and employees always come first.  UNITRON has implemented a response plan based on recommendations from the World Health...

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UNITRON Ltd. Secures Master Distribution Agreement with Luxo Corporation

[June 1, 2019] — UNITRON Ltd., a leading provider of high quality, precision instruments for electronics, industrial, metallurgical, materials science, research and educational applications, announces a new master distribution agreement...

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Introducing the Z12 Zoom Stereo Microscope from UNITRON

It's been nearly a year since UNITRON introduced the Z12 Zoom Stereo Microscope. With a 12.5:1 zoom ratio, Apochromatically-corrected optics and the longest working distance in its class, the Z12...

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