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If you want to watch how our microscopes operate in motion, use this page to browse our selection of videos and watch them in action!


METRICAL is UNITRON's modular quantitative image analysis software that is designed specifically for metallurgical and materials science research and quality applications. Click below to watch this brief overview of the...

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Inspecting a Threaded Receiver Using the OMNI Core

How can you observe and inspect pitched threads for quality control? Use an OMNI Core, 1x Plan lens, auto focus and the overlay graticule. Learn more about the OMNI Core...

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Pass/Fail Inspection of Biopsy Needle Using the OMNI Core

How do you inspect and measure a device/sample for consistency and adherence to standards? How can this process be easily automated? Use an OMNI Core, graticule overlay and measurement apps...

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Inspecting a Repeating Feature Using the OMNI Core

How do you rapidly inspect a device/sample to ensure consistency in a repeating feature like a coil? Use an OMNI Core, graticule and measurement apps, and an X-Y stage. Learn...

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Balloon Catheter Inspection with the OMNI Core

How do you inspect a balloon catheter or other reflective device/sample and see the detail within? Use an OMNI Core with Plan 1x lens and polarized light. Learn more about...

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Stent Inspection Using the OMNI Core

How do you inspect a stent or other small part that is reflective from multiple angles?  How do you make this inspection a process that is both repeatable and reproducible...

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Introducing the Z12 Zoom Stereo Microscope from UNITRON

It's been nearly a year since UNITRON introduced the Z12 Zoom Stereo Microscope. With a 12.5:1 zoom ratio, Apochromatically-corrected optics and the longest working distance in its class, the Z12...

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INSPEX II Digital Inspection System

New INSPEX II Digital Inspection System View this short video for an introduction to the new INSPEX II Digital Inspection System from Ash Technologies.

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Master a Digital Inspection Microscope in 20 Minutes!

Digital Microscopy Speeds and Simplifies Inspection This video is a webinar recording on the OMNI Core digital microscope system from Ash Technologies. The video demonstrates the ease of operation, and...

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