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LX Microscopes by UNITRON® microscopes and accessories are designed and manufactured for the rigors of production and inspection environments. Previously known as LUXO Microscopes by UNITRON, LX stereo microscopes feature high-quality achromatic lenses with anti-reflective coatings to deliver superior visual clarity. Systems 274, 374 and VIP feature ergonomic tilting binocular viewing heads for maximum comfort and easily adjust for multiple user environments. Many models are also available with ESD-safe treatments for use in static-sensitive environments.

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LX Microscopes by UNITRON offers a selection of digital solutions especially for inspection and quality control applications. The ZoomHD provides a complete inspection solution in an easy to use package – no PC required! For the best of both worlds, we also offer traditional stereo microscopes featuring digital cameras. MIDAS® is our compact, handheld digital microscope, and is ideal for a range of documentation and observation applications.

LX Stereo Microscopes by UNITRON Parts & Accessories are selected for optimal fit with our microscopes and demanding performance in the industries we serve.


LX Microscopes By UNITRON