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UNITRON Stereo Microscopes


UNITRON® zoom stereo microscopes are an exceptional choice for industrial inspection, assembly, quality control, forensic investigation, OEM integration, research and educational applications.  Often referred to as stereoscopic microscopes, production microscopes, zoom microscopes or dissecting microscopes in life science applications, UNITRON stereo microscopes featuring outstanding optics, superb resolution, large fields of view and a high depth of focus.  UNITRON stereo microscopes allow for faster inspections and a more efficient work process.  And each series is available with different stands and illumination options to best suit your needs.

So which series is right for you?

Z6 zoom stereo microscope
Z6 Series
Our most popular parallel optical path (a.k.a. Common Main Objective or "CMO" or Galilean design) zoom stereo microscope, the UNITRON Z6 Series offers one of the best values in the market today. The Z6 offers a 6:1 optical zoom ratio, delivers exceptional resolution, and is a favorite in medical device manufacturing, electronics assembly and traditional manufacturing environments.

Z8 zoom stereo microscope
Z8 Series
The Z8 Series is everything the Z6 is with an increased zoom range of 8:1. The parallel optical light path allows the operator to configure the Z8 for a variety of applications simply by adding accessories.  The highly flexible Z8 is a top seller in manufacturing settings such as electronics and medical devices.

Z10 zoom stereo microscope
Z10 Series
The ergonomically designed Z10 Series features a 10:1 optical zoom ratio, and shares the same accessories as the Z8. Augment your Z10 with a selection of Achromat and Plan Apochromat auxilliary objectives to achieve a massive 2.4x - 160x magnification range.  The configurability, ergonomics and wide magnification range of the Z10 make it an excellent choice in environments like electronics assembly, medical device manufacturing and traditional manufacturing.

Z12 zoom stereo microscope
Z12 Series
The Z12 offers a 12.5:1 zoom range (0.63x-8x) with magnification from 6.3x to 160x when used with the optional two-position nosepiece and both the 1.0x and 2.0x objectives. The Z12 uses a parallel optical light path in the zoom body (also known as Common Main Objective, CMO, or Galilean design) that delivers exceptional resolution and flexibility to add accessories such as coaxial brightfield and fluorescence illumination.  The Z12 is ideally suited for research and life science applications e.g. embryology and model organisms.

Z645 zoom stereo microscope
Z645 Series
NEW! The UNITRON Z645 zoom stereo microscope features a 6.7:1 zoom range (6.7x-45x magnification with 10x eyepieces) in an ergonomic and compact body. The Z645 is available on all of our standard stereo microscope stands.

Z850 zoom stereo microscope
Z850 Series
The UNITRON Z850 stereo microscope features a 6.3:1 zoom range (8x-50x magnification with 10x eyepieces) in an ergonomic and compact body.

Z730 zoom stereo microscope
Z730 Series
The UNITRON Z730 stereo microscope features a 4.3:1 zoom range (7x-30x) magnification with 10x eyepieces) in an ergonomic and compact body.

Z650HR zoom stereo microscope
Z650HR Series
The Z650HR features an 8:1 zoom range (6x-50x magnification ranges with 10x eyepieces) with a fixed eyetube angle. The integrated camera port allows for the easy addition of a digital camera for sample documentation and analysis, or instruction.  The Z650HR is well suited for manufacturing and electronics assembly.

UNITRON Stereo Microscopes