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LX Microscopes by UNITRON are professional-grade pieces of equipment that are perfect for all types of inspection, assembly and quality control. LX microscopes are always made with high-quality achromatic lenses that use anti-reflective coatings to support visual clarity, so you always have a good view of your specimen. LX microscopes are highly versatile and can meet a wide range of applications in different industries.

At UNITRON, we design our microscopes with the needs of modern manufacturers and inspectors in mind. LX microscope systems are ergonomically designed and have a wide range of magnification options. In addition to our professional grade microscopes, UNITRON also offers a wide range of high-quality microscope accessories to fit instruments of all different sizes, such as microscope stands, eyepieces, nosepieces, and objective lenses.

LED3000 Ring Light Microscope Illumination
Proper illumination of the sample is almost as important for a stereo microscope as magnification and optics. LX Microscopes by UNITRON is proud to offer specially selected illumination sources for use in production, assembly, rework, inspection and quality control environments. Ring lights provide even illumination across the field of view, and some ring lights also feature segments of the ring that can be turned on or off to enhance the visualization of detail in the sample. Gooseneck lights provide great flexibility to adjust and position the light exactly where its needed.  And most of our light sources are MADE IN THE USA!
Roller Bearing Boom Stand Microscope Stands
Keeping your microscope supported by the right stand is crucial for ensuring its functionality. LX Microscopes by UNITRON offers different types of microscope stands specifically selected for use in production, inspection, assembly and rework applications. Boom stands offer variable reach to position the microscope over the sample. Articulating arms provide great flexibility for positioning the microscope in both horizontal and vertical directions.
0.5x Reducing Auxiliary Objective Lens Objective Lenses
Having the right objective lens is critical for the accuracy and functionality of your microscope. LX Microscopes by UNITRON auxiliary objective are specially manufactured for our microscopes and feature multi-layered coatings for glare reduction and a crisp, vivid image. Choose a reducing lens (magnification power <1X) to reduce the magnification range while providing a longer working distance. Choose a magnifying lens (magnification power >1X) to increase the overall magnification range, and these will reduce the working distance.
Stereo Microscope Eyepieces Microscope Eyepieces
For specialized applications, the right eyepiece is undoubtedly a crucial component. The microscope eyepiece is the component responsible for the clarity and resolution with which you can view your specimen. LX Microscopes by UNITRON eyepieces are the perfect fit for LX Microscopes and LUXO Microscopes, and are great as replacement items or to vary your microscopes viewing power. The wide field of view and multi-coated optics ensure clear images.
Excelis HD microscope camera Microscope Cameras
Our cameras extend the capability of our trinocular stereo microscopes, offering improved ergonomics and the ability to measure, annotate, document/archive and share images. We offer camera adapters to fit our cameras to our microscopes, but these cameras can also be used on microscopes from other manufacturers (contact the manufacturer for the appropriate camera adapter).
Camera Adapter Microscope Camera Adapters
Our LX Microscopes by UNITRON camera adapters are selected to attach our digital cameras to our trinocular microscopes. Clarity and magnification are optimized for both the microscope and camera, displaying crisp, vivid images showing all of the detail in your sample.
Binocular stereo microscope viewing head with ESD treatment

Stereo Microscope Viewing Heads
LX Microscopes by UNITRON viewing heads are identical to the heads that come with our complete systems.  Our viewing heads offer wide fields of view and variable zoom control.  Viewing heads are available for replacement or refurbishment purposes, and come with our 5 year warranty.

Eyepiece reticle

Reticles & Micrometers
Reticles and micrometers are used to facilitate sizing and counting of objects in a sample, and to calibrate digital cameras for accurate measurements.  Reticles are installed into one of two eyepieces on a stereo microscope, and installation is available from UNITRON to ensure proper fit and orientation.

Stereo Microscope Focus Mount

Focus Mounts
A focus mount is the connection between a stereo microscope body (or viewing head) and the microscope stand.  It permits positioning and focusing of the microscope image on the sample.  Focus mounts available from LX Microscopes by UNITRON are designed and engineered for use with our stereo microscope stands, but may also fit stands from other manufacturers.  Please contact UNITRON with any questions about compatibility of a focus mount with a particular stand.

Contact Us for More Information

Please reach out to us to learn more about how you can improve your image quality and viewing comfort with the right accessories for your LX microscope by UNITRON. Our knowledgeable team can help you select the ideal products for your application.

Parts & Accessories