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Digital Microscopy Cameras


UNITRON’s digital cameras are specifically engineered for precise color reproduction, low light sensitivity, and high speed applications for industrial inspection, forensic, material science, clinical and educational applications. Our HD and high resolution cameras provide high frame rates, crisp color images with the ability to easily capture images.

Excelis™ HD microscopy camera
Excelis™ Cameras
Our most popular line of cameras for microscopy, Excelis cameras deliver outstanding images with superb color and high resolution.  Excelis 4K, HD, HDS, HD Lite and HDS Lite cameras come with built-in (on-board) software -- no need for a PC!  Need extra sensitivity?  Try the MPX-20RC!  All Excelis cameras also come with our advanced CaptaVision software for more advanced camera control, image acquisition and image analysis.
Lumenera INFINITY 5-3 microscopy camera
Teledyne Lumenera® INFINITY Cameras
The INFINITY line of microscopy cameras from Teledyne Lumenera offer outstanding performance, fast imaging and video transfer, and are available in a variety of sensor types, pixel dimensions and resolutions to perfectly match your application.  Lumenera's INFINITY ANALYZE software provides an easy-to-use interface to get the most from your Lumenera camera including acquisition, measurement and analysis.  It's no wonder INFINITY cameras are a favorite among microscopists everywhere.
SKYE WiFi microscopy camera
SKYE WiFi Camera
The NEW SKYE WiFi 3 camera is unique in that it is controlled using an app on a mobile device or on a PC.  Boasting 12MP images (that's higher than 4K!), up to 13 users can simultaneously connect to the camera with their mobile devices making the SKYE WiFi and ideal tool in instructional environments.  You can connect the camera directly to a large monitor using the HDMI port, and control the camera through the app.  If you want more control and more connection options, use the USB or Ethernet port to connect to a PC app for camera control, image processing, measurements and analysis.  The SKYE WiFi 3 camera operates exclusively on our SKYE View 3 mobile apps and Windows PC software.
ACCU-CAM cameras for microscopes
ACCU-CAM Cameras
The ACCU-CAM WiFi camera delivers outstanding live images via our AccuView mobile app to a smartphone or other WiFi-connected device.
Don't have a trinocular viewing head or camera port on your microscope?  No problem!  The ACCU-CAM 500 EP eyepiece camera fits into the eyetube of your microscope's viewing head.  Just pull out an eyepiece, insert the ACCU-CAM, and you're ready to go.  The ACCU-CAM connects to a PC via USB cable and is controlled by our ACCU-View software.  ACCU-View LITE software features a streamlined user interface and is now available for both Windows PC and MacOS.
CaptaVision+ software interface

CaptaVision+™ Software for Excelis™ Cameras
NEW Feature:  Voice Recording!

All our Excelis cameras come with our full-featured CaptaVision+ software (available for PC and Mac) for camera control, image adjustment, measurements, and reporting.  Learn more about CaptaVision+ HERE


Digital Microscopy Cameras