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Excelis™ Cameras

Excelis™ Cameras

Excelis 4K Camera

Excelis™ HDMI Cameras

The Excelis HDMI color microscopy cameras set a new standard for excellence in high definition imaging for scientific and industrial applications. Excelis HDMI cameras are full featured HD cameras offering super fast frame rates directly to an HD monitor via the included HDMI cable, with unrivaled color fidelity and on-board/built-in software for image capturing capability.

The Excelis HDS Camera & Monitor Systems allow users to view and capture images and video directly to the supplied SD card without the need for a computer or separate monitor!

The NEW EXCELIS 4K delivers a true UHD 4K experience streaming live 2160p video directly to a 4K monitor.  The Excelis 4K features outstanding color reproduction and the same built-in software for a PC-free experience.  You also get 3 ways to connect and view images: HDMI directly to a compatible monitor; USB3.0 cable (supplied) to a PC, then use our full-featured CaptaVision+ imaging software to control the camera, snap and measure images; Ethernet cable (user supplied) to network connection for remote viewing and control via a PC connected to the same LAN via CaptaVision+ software.

Excelis USB Cameras

The Excelis MPX-5C Pro CMOS microscopy camera for scientific and industrial applications delivers exceptional performance in a compact, low-profile design. It's CCD-like performance and high sensitivity make it an excellent choice for brightfield and low light level imaging. The revolutionary CaptaVision+ software provides real-time image stitching, real-time depth-of-field fusion, report generation and export, and more!

The Excelis MPX-6C CMOS microscopy camera's rolling shutter provides very high-resolution, excellent light sensitivity in a color camera, and high speed acquisition and read out ideally suited for microscopy imaging especially in brightfield and stereo applications. Customers also benefit from the new user interface and and advanced features in the included CaptaVision+ software.

The Excelis MPX-20C color CMOS microscopy camera for scientific and industrial applications provides 20MP resolution, high-speed USB 3.0 data transfer, high efficiency, and allows users to find and focus easily even at full resolution.

The NEW EC50 color microscopy camera provides a balance of performance and affordability.  The EC50 delivers great 5MP color images, connects to your Windows PC or Mac and is controlled with our CaptaVision+ software.

CaptaVision+ PC imaging software is included with or available for free download for all our Excelis cameras. Please refer to our software downloads page for details about software version compatibility with camera models and serial numbers, and computer operating systems (esp. Macintosh).

Excelis™ Cameras

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