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LX Stereo Microscopes

LX Microscopes by UNITRON®

All LX Stereo Microscopes by UNITRON® models feature high-quality achromatic lenses with anti-reflective coatings for superior visual clarity.  You can choose the best microscope for your need by Series, or if you specifically require an ESD-safe solution.

Previously known as LUXO Microscopes by UNITRON, our LX Microscopes by UNITRON products provide superior quality and performance for the demands of industrial inspection, assembly, rework and quality control environments.

Choose by System

LX Microscopes by UNITRON, System 230, model 20780BB NEW!  LX Microscopes by UNITRON’s System 230 is a full featured binocular microscope system with a sealed polymer body. It is the perfect solution for economically budgeted production applications. Designed and intended for lighter duty usage in assembly, rework, and limited inspection processes. Featuring a 20mm optics system, it fits many applications where higher magnification isn’t required.
System 250 zoom stereo microscope System 250 Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscopes are a great choice for lighter-duty work, or where an economical option is desired.  System 250 microscopes have a 20mm optical system, 0.65x-4.5x zoom range, and come with a single boom stand. System 250 microscopes are not available with ESD treatment.
System 273 System 273 Binocular Stereo-Zoom Microscopes are perfect for assembly and rework applications.  The  0.7x-4.5x zoom range, 23mm optical system and nearly 8” working distance (when used with a 0.5X reducing lens) make the System 273 one of our most popular stereo microscopes.  Select models are also available with ESD-Safe surface treatment.
System 373 ESD-Safe TRU Trinocular Stereo Microscopes System 373 Trinocular and TRU Trinocular Stereo-Zoom Microscopes all feature ESD-Safe observation.  The 0.7x-4.5x zoom range, 23mm optical systems and nearly 8” working distance (when used with a 0.5X reducing lens) make the System 373 microscopes ideal for inspection, training and documentation.  TRU Trinocular models allow the user to simultaneously view images on screen and through the eyepieces.
System VIP VIP (Variable Inclination Position) Binocular Microscope features an extended magnification range (0.8x-5.0x) and and ergonomic viewing position adjustment to reduce neck and muscle fatigue.  The VIP's ESD-Safe surface treatment makes it ideal for work with sensitive electronics samples.

Choose an ESD-Safe System

ESD-Safe Microscopes and stands have specially treated, static-dissipative surfaces making them ideal for use in static-sensitive environments.

Parts & Accessories

LX Parts & Accessories are developed especially for our LX Microscopes by UNITRON products and the environments where our microscopes are used. Add accessories to enhance the function of your microscope.

LX Stereo Microscopes