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Microscopy is used for a wide range of applications in scientific research and in life in general. From medical research, to mineralogy, to forensic science comparisons, scientists, engineers, technicians, and researchers use microscopy in the development of essential products that play a role in all of our lives. UNITRON has a long-maintained tradition of manufacturing the highest quality microscopes for a wide range of uses. From dissecting and electronics microscopes to jewelry and metallurgical scopes, at UNITRON, we do it all.

Here, you can learn more about the wide range of applications for our microscopes in forensic comparison, personal hobbies, and beyond.

Industrial Inspection

Industrial inspection is perhaps one of the least talked-about, but most important applications of microscopy. Industries of all types use microscopy to assess products and materials for quality. UNITRON electronics microscopes and LX Microscopes by UNITRON are designed to meet the varying demands of the modern technology and manufacturing industries.

Medical Devices

UNITRON microscopes and LX Microscopes by UNITRON are designed with crucial industries like medical device manufacturing in mind. We rigorously inspect and test each instrument for quality to make sure that the medical device technicians who use our products get the best results every time.

Materials Science/Metallurgy

Metallurgical microscopes are used by researchers to examine and analyze metals and metallic alloys. UNITRON microscopes are available with a range of magnification and contrast options to accommodate different metallic compounds.

UNITRON metallurgical microscopes can fit a variety of contrast applications, including brightfield, darkfield, polarized light, and differential interference. Many UNITRON microscopes also have trinocular ports that can be outfitted with digital cameras for more effective presentations.

Gemology, Jewelry, & Engraving

Gemology and jewelry-making microscopes must deliver consistently high resolution, control, and contrast. Gemology and jewelry-making are businesses where the value of a stone or piece of jewelry is dependent on clear and detailed visuals, creating the demand for a reliable, high-quality instrument. This is where UNITRON comes in.

UNITRON jewelry microscopes were designed and developed after years of research input of some of the most respected gemologists in the world. Our “gem-specific” microscopes come with darkfield illumination capabilities, a fluorescent overhead light with a flexible LED guide. Magnifications range from 10x all the way up to 50x, and users have the option to attach a digital camera for high-definition documentation and easier presentation.


Microscopy is an essential tool in many high stakes criminal investigations. Microscopes are used heavily in forensic science comparisons by investigators for ballistics and tool mark comparison, and to identify small traces of DNA and other substances that can be used as evidence and lead to crimes being solved.

UNITRON offers a variety of traditional forensic microscopes for the identification of trace evidence, as well as more specialized comparison forensic microscopes that can be used to compare two pieces of evidence to one another at the same time.


Researchers and educators alike frequently use microscopes in small animal surgery and dissection. UNITRON offers a wide range of dissection microscopes that are ideal for the examination and study of biological systems like small animals.

UNITRON offers dissecting microscopes in a variety of different configurations to meet the demands of scientists, researchers, and educators.

Mineralogy & Earth Science

Adequate lighting and good resolution are essential for studying mineral samples. UNITRON manufactures high quality measuring microscopes lighting solutions to aid in the observation of important geological samples.

Embryo/Colony Transfer

Microscopy is a critical tool in reproductive science and the study of developmental biology. UNITRON offers a variety of specialized microscopes and accessories that are individually inspected for quality to ensure high contrast and resolution.


Microscopy has numerous applications in the modern dental industry as well. Laboratory technicians use microscopes to examine damaged or defective dental products like bridges and crowns. Microscopes are also used for the manufacture of other products like retainers and dentures. Stereo microscopes are ideal for use in dental labs, as they are designed with flexibility and accessibility in mind. UNITRON manufactures a range of stereo microscopes that meet the specific demands of dental laboratories.

Stamp, Coin, & Hobby

If you are a stamp or coin collector, you know how important the right electronic microscope is for checking the authenticity and condition of your pieces. UNITRON offers a wide selection of traditional stereo microscopes and digital microscopes that are perfect for stamp and coin collectors.

Get the Right Instrument for Your Application

We manufacture microscopes for the exciting specifications of numerous industries. If you don’t see one that applies for your intended use here, we invite you to check other applications that are available. Our knowledgeable team can help you select the ideal product to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.