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Software & Updates

Excelis™ MPX-5C Pro; Excelis™ MPX-6C; Excelis™ MPX-20C; Excelis™ MPX-20RC

Excelis™ HD, Excelis™ HDS, Excelis™ HD Lite & Excelis™ HDS Lite Cameras

(ONLY for serial numbers beginning "19xxxxx")

Zip Icon CaptaVision+ PC Imaging Software (v2.1)
Zip Icon CaptaVision+ Imaging Software (v2.1) for Macintosh (does not support Excelis HD Lite & Excelis HDS Lite Cameras)
PDF Icon CaptaVision+ PC Software Manual
Zip Icon Excelis DirectShow and TWAIN Plug-in

Excelis™ HD & Excelis™ HDS Cameras; Excelis™ MPX-16C Camera (Camera DISCONTINUED)

(can be used with ALL Excelis HD and HDS cameras regardless of serial number)

Zip Icon CaptaVision PC Imaging Software (v5.1 for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10 — 32 or 64-bit)
Zip Icon Excelis Camera Driver Setup V1.3.4
PDF Icon CaptaVision v5.1 Software Manual (PDF)
PDF Icon Excelis Quick Start Guide-v070717 (PDF)

Sentech Cameras (for LX Microscopes by UNITRON and LUXO Microscopes by UNITRON)

Zip Icon Sentech Camera Software v3.10 (x86)
Zip Icon Sentech Camera Software v3.10 (x64)