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Parts & Accessories


In addition to our selection of scopes, UNITRON also offers a wide array of separate microscope parts and accessories. From microscope arms and stands to nosepieces and eyepieces, UNITRON carries the full range of high-quality microscope parts to accommodate our customers’ needs. For over 60 years, UNITRON has been a provider of professional compound microscopes and parts. We pride ourselves on our customer service and the outstanding quality of our microscope parts.

If you use a microscope for scientific or hobby-related observation, you understand the importance of having the right microscope parts to replace or enhance current components of your scope. If a part is damaged, or if the lens is not appropriate for your application, it can interfere with your ability to carefully observe and record your specimen. At UNITRON, we ensure that microscope users across all fields and industries always have the best fitting components for their needs.

UNITRON ring light
Illumination for stereo microscopy is nearly as important as magnification. Proper illumination creates contrast, adds depth, highlights features and details, and enhances visual analysis of the sample. Most of our illumination solutions are compatible across stereo microscopes, even those from other manufacturers. Let UNITRON be your “light source.”

UNITRON plain focusing stand
Stereo Microscope Stands
The foundation of any microscope is the stand. UNITRON carries a full range of microscope stands to fit any scope owners’ needs. We offer both illuminated and non-illuminated microscope stands. Our boom and ball bearing boom arm stands give you the flexibility to observe larger samples with ease. We also have specialized gemological microscope stands with attachable LED lighting for optimal viewing of stones. Having the right stand can go a long way toward boosting the functionality and accuracy of your microscope, and different scopes have widely varying mounting needs. This is why UNITRON carries high-quality microscope stands to fit the full range of microscopy applications.

Stereo Microscope Focus Mount
Focus Mounts
Our focus mounts feature common mounting ring dimensions to accept common stereo microscope bodies. Focus mounts are available for polo stands and boom stands. They may also be used to convert or update an older stand.

UNITRON stereo microscope objective
Objective Lenses
Objective lenses are arguably the most important part of the microscope. These highly complex components are responsible for producing the image of the specimen that can be seen on the ocular lens. Objective lenses play a major role in forming the image you see of your specimen and determining its overall quality and resolution. UNITRON carries metallurgical and auxiliary objective lenses that offer a range of different magnification levels so you can find one that best fits your industry or field of study.

UNITRON eyepieces for stereo microscopes
Microscope Eyepieces
The eyepiece is a major component of any microscope that is crucial for clearly and accurately viewing the specimen. UNITRON has eyepieces designed to match microscopes of all different functionalities and magnification levels. We carry specialty eyepieces that offer up to 30x magnification, as well as more standard 10x lenses. Our microscope eyepieces range from 8mm up to 24mm widths. We also carry rubber eye guards designed for all different lens sizes for increased viewing comfort.

Eyepiece reticle
Reticles & Micrometers
Our selection of reticles and micrometers aid in the sizing, counting and measurement of samples and details. Reticles are available in different sizes depending on the eyepiece dimensions. Micrometers are available for transmitted and reflected light applications.

C-mount camera adapter
Camera Adapters
If image quality is paramount, or you need photographic evidence of your specimen for documentation or analysis, we also have camera adapters for our microscopes that can enhance the quality of your image and allow you to more comfortably view your specimen on a monitor. The right camera adapter makes it far easier for people in scientific fields to present their findings to their peers. UNITRON has different camera adapters available to fit microscopes of all sizes and purposes.

Glass stage plate
Stages & Stage Plates
Our stages and stage plates are ideal as replacement parts for existing stands and stages. They may enhance sample positioning for optimal viewing. Others may add functionality to your existing microscope system.

Stereo microscope viewing head for Z10 series UNITRON microscopes
Microscope Viewing Heads
UNITRON offers a variety of microscopes varying in zoom range (magnification) and optical design. These microscopes are also available as just the viewing head without a stand. For other microscopes, UNITRON offers viewing heads as accessories or replacement parts. UNITRON allows you to upgrade your existing microscopes, even one from another manufacturer.  Why? Because sometimes you shouldn't need to buy a completely new microscope (e.g. microscope and stand), just to update your current system.

Rotating polarizer
Filters, Polarizers & Contrast
Polarizers and analyzers, DIC components, color and neutral density filters are used to enhance contrast and visibility of samples.  Our selection of contrast-enhancing components are selected to fit our microscopes, and may also be compatible with other manufacturer's microscopes.  Please contact UNITRON directly for assistance in selecting the best part for your system.

Fluorescence filter set
Fluorescence Accessories
Fluorescence observation is an option on several UNITRON microscopes including the Z6, Z8, Z10, and Z12 stereo microscopes.  The fluorescence accessories allow the user to add fluorescence to the microscope using a suitable adapter, fluorescence filter cubes selected based on the sample and fluorescence treatment being used, and a fluorescence light source.  Please contact UNITRON directly for expert advice on selecting the right fluorescence accessories for your microscope AND your application.

Gem holders for microscope
Jewelry Holders
UNITRON offers accessories specifically designed for working with gem stones and jewelry. Our selection of jewelry holders and pointers allows samples to be easily held and rotated for examination and work.

Microscope dust cover
Miscellaneous Accessories
UNITRON offers additional accessories for storage, ease of use, and specialized applications. Some miscellaneous accessories include dust covers, bulbs and fuses.

For more information about UNITRON microscopes or their replacement parts and accessories, including microscope nosepieces, eyepieces, arms, stands, and more, contact a member of our team today.

Parts & Accessories