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Forensic Microscopes


Engineered and built upon years of tradition, value and excellence, UNITRON offers its CFM Series Microscope especially for Forensic Science. With the design assistance of police organizations, forensic scientists and educators in the field of forensic science, UNITRON’s CFM Series Microscope offers unparalleled value and performance for the inspection of ballistics, firearms and toolmark examinations. Evidence can be observed simultaneously via the precision engineered comparison bridge that supports two sets of matched objective steps on a 6-step magnification changer. Attach a digital microscope camera (optional) to the trinocular port to capture the evidence for documentation, presentation and instructional purposes.

Stereo microscopes are also commonly used for forensic investigation. UNITRON's stereo microscopes feature zoom optics that allow the scientists to zoom in and out while maintaining focus. A variety of accessory light sources (e.g., ring lights, gooseneck lights) allow the sample to be illuminated from various angles, often revealing fine detail than may otherwise be overlooked. Choose a trinocular model of stereo microscope and add a digital camera and camera adapter to capture images of the evidence for documentation.

Forensic Microscopes