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Digital Inspection


UNITRON's digital inspection solutions (available through LX Microscopes by UNITRON channels) offer real time video inspection for a wide variety of application areas including quality control, electronics inspection, assembly, medical device manufacturing, gross imaging, teaching, forensics and art conservancy.  Select from small digital microscopes, complete integrated digital inspection solution, and traditional stereo microscopes featuring digital cameras for the best of both worlds.

ZoomHD digital inspection system ZoomHD delivers mighty digital inspection in a compact system.  The 0.7x - 5x zoom range is readily controled using the front-mounted zoom knob. No PC is required with the built-in software.  The integrated ring light lets you easily adjust illumination. The compact footprint won't occupy precious bench space.
System 373 ESD-Safe TRU Trinocular Stereo Microscopes Stereo Microscopes with Digital Cameras offer a modern evolution of the traditional stereo microscope.  We've selected digital cameras that are easy to use and deliver outstanding images and live viewing.  The traditional stereo microscope provides excellent viewing for assembly, rework and any task requiring greater depth of field.
MIDAS handheld digital inspection system MIDAS® Digital Inspection System is small enough for hand-held inspection and versatile enough for use with several stand options.  Its 5MP camera makes the MIDAS ideal for a variety of applications including inspection, criminology, museum and artwork restoration, mineral and gemstone examination, and more!
Excelis™ HD microscopy camera LX Microscopes by UNITRON offers several digital camera options for upgrading microscopes (with camera ports) or updating older cameras.  Our Excelis™ HD 1080p camera delivers fast 60fps live images directly to an HD monitor (not included) via the included HDMI cable.  The new Excelis 4K delivers full 4K 2160p live images to a 4K monitor (not included) and, with built-in software, no PC is required.  Our USB 2.0 digital camera offers frame rates up to 22fps and can be used with PC, notebook or embedded systems for factory automation.

Digital Inspection