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LX Microscopes by UNITRON® -- A 3-Year-Old Name with a 40-Year-Old History

The LX Microscopes by UNITRON brand  (formerly LUXO Microscopes) has a 40-year history of delivering robust, dependable microscopes with superb quality.

Rebranded as LX Microscopes by UNITRON  3 years ago, LUXO microscopes built a solid reputation in high tech manufacturing environments for developing a broad product offering that meets diverse requirements for inspection, assembly, and rework.  LX Microscopes by UNITRON continues this reputation of excellence by delivering:

  • Exceptional visual clarity with multiple light gathering and anti-reflective coatings.
  • Optional eyepieces and accessory lenses to extend magnification ranges and working distances.
  • ESD-safe models for use in static sensitive environments.
  • Digital imaging options to provide greater ergonomics, a range of observation, documentation, reporting, archiving, and sharing capabilities.
  •  A wide variety of light sources that allow users to maximize the microscope for each application.

UNITRON is committed to making the LX Microscopes by UNITRON product line available through our established distribution partners.  Differing from others in the market, UNITRON does not sell directly to end users.  We remain dedicated to producing quality products so our distribution partners can focus on satisfying the requirements of their customers.



UNITRON specializes in high quality, precision optical instruments for industrial, clinical, life science, research and educational applications. Since 1952 UNITRON’s microscopes and related optical accessories have been consistently used and trusted worldwide in companies such as Intel, BAE Systems, ITT, GE, Williams Co., Lockheed Martin, DuPont, Boeing, 3M, Alcoa, MIT, Raytheon, Sony, Texas Instruments, iRobot, Northrop Grumman, United Technologies, and the Mayo Clinic. Manufactured and assembled to the strictest quality standards, UNITRON products are available exclusively through a nationwide network of authorized distributors.  Visit UNITRON at https://unitronusa.com/.