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Why LX Microscopes by UNITRON?

Previously known as LUXO Microscopes by UNITRON, LX Microscopes by UNITRON® are designed to withstand the rigors of production and inspection environments. With 40-years’ experience delivering a complete line of robust, dependable microscopes with superb optical quality, see what sets LX Microscopes by UNITRON apart:

Continuous innovation

LX Microscopes by UNITRON anticipate user needs with a broad selection of microscopes for the diverse needs of inspection, assembly and rework applications. Recently added System 274 Binocular and System 374 Trinocular Ergonomic Microscopes, and System 230 Binocular Microscopes for light-duty applications join bestselling System 250 Binocular, System 273 Binocular, System 373 TRU Trinocular, and Variable Inclination Position (VIP) Binocular and Trinocular Microscopes to deliver superb ergonomic comfort, visual clarity, and extended magnification ranges and working distances.  Systems 373, VIP and some System 273 models are ESD-Safe for use in static-sensitive environments.

New System 230, System 274 and System 374 microscopes, available exclusively from LX MIcroscopes by UNITRON.

Optical glass lenses

All LX Microscopes by UNITRON feature high-quality achromatic lenses with anti-reflective coatings for superior visual clarity. Optical glass is clear, free of any distortion, and multicoated for light absorption and protection from solder fluxes, cleaners and other similar substances. A selection of accessory objective lenses and microscope eyepieces are also offered to vary the magnification and working distance of your microscope system.

Wide range of accessories

LX microscope systems are ergonomically designed and include a wide range of magnification options. But to further improve image quality and viewing comfort, an assortment of illumination sources, stands, objective lenses, eyepieces, cameras, and more, are available to enhance usability in each application.

A wide range of accessories are available for LX Microscopes including illumination, auxiliary objectives, digital cameras and microscope stands.

Trusted distributor partners

UNITRON is committed to making LX Microscopes by UNITRON available through established distribution partners. Differing from others in the market, UNITRON does not sell directly to end users but remains dedicated to producing quality products so our trusted distributor partners can focus on satisfying the needs of their customers. For more information about LX Microscopes by UNITRON, including technical questions and distributor information, contact Customer Support at 631-543-2000 or info@unitronusa.com.