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UNITRON is pleased to be exhibiting in Booth# 3812 at the IPC APEX EXPO 2024 #IPCAPEXEXPO from April 9-11 in Anaheim, CA.  We will be demonstrating a small sampling of our curated portfolio for inspection, assembly, and rework in the #electronics manufacturing environment.

New to our LX Microscopes by UNITRON product line is the 23788-ESD zoom stereo microscope featuring a 10x – 65x magnification range, a long 110mm working distance, a TRU trinocular photo port, and ESD treatment for static sensitive work.  The 23788-ESD is a great addition to our legacy ESD-safe zoom stereo microscopes.

We added TRU trinocular capability to our ergonomic VIP zoom stereo microscope (P/N 23887-ESD; sold as 23820RB-TRT-ESD).  Now you can enjoy the ergonomic benefits of the tilting binocular tube together with a camera port allowing you to view through the eyepieces and view live video simultaneously (requires digital camera, adapter and monitor).

Illumination is key to any inspection process, and we will be displaying several of our top selling light sources for electronics inspection.  The LED3000-PF is the polarized version of our all-time best selling LED3000 ring light.  The LED3000-PF attaches easily to most stereo microscopes and the polarizing filter eliminates glare to enable better viewing of the sample.  The 15858-B ring light combines a ring of white light LED illumination with a ring of UV illumination, ideal for inspection of conformal coating.  Our LFOLED40 light source offers flexibility for illuminating your samples.  Choose either the ring illuminator with 36” flex cable or the dual gooseneck fiber optic transilluminator to complete your LFPLED40 system.

The Inspex 3 digital microscope system is designed for smart inspection and basic measurement.  With a selected set of functions, a streamlined interface and the ability to create presets for rapid recall and inspection processes, Inspex 3 is ideal for production and quality control environments.

Last by certainly not least, we will be previewing two new cameras (4K and HD) for fast, simple, and reliable visual inspection of samples.  Both cameras boast super deep depth of focus and autofocus, eliminating the need to adjust camera height and ensuring your sample is always in focus.  A working distance of nearly 10” provides plenty of room for sample positioning and manipulation.  The continuous electronic zoom allows you to adjust magnification level to accommodate your need.  Take them for a test drive and tell us what you think!

See you in Anaheim!