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UNITRON Introduces the New Z645 Zoom Stereo Microscope

[June 2023] UNITRON is pleased to introduce the new Z645 zoom stereo microscope. The Z645 adds improved capabilities for use in industrial applications, and further extends the UNITRON product line.

The Z645 zoom bodies feature a Greenough optical design and are available as either binocular or trinocular with a fixed 50:50 light split to the camera port. Other key features include:

  • 6.7:1 zoom ratio (0.67x - 4.5x zoom range)
  • Click-stop zoom positions with knobs on both sides of the body
  • NEW: adjustable zoom stops to fix the top and bottom zoom magnifications at any desired position. Allows for fast changes between two zoom positions -- great for standardized inspection procedures.
  • Included 1.0x lens with groove for easy attachment of ring lights
  • Standard Ø76mm body mounts in most stereo microscope stands (focusing, pole, boom, articulating arm)
  • Available as preconfigured systems with all of our stands

As with all UNITRON stereo microscopes, UNTRON offers a wide assortment of illumination sources and LED ring lights to enhance both the lighting and contrast of samples during observation. Additionally, the trinocular Z645 is ready to accept a digital camera, ideal for:

  • even greater ergonomic comfort (less hunching to look through the eyepieces),
  • ease of observation (image displays on large monitor),
  • documentation and archiving (save images to computer or removable storage device), and
  • instruction (multiple people can view simultaneously).

More information about the Z645 zoom stereo microscope and preconfigured systems can be found at https://microscopes.unitronusa.com/unitron-microscopes/unitron-stereo-microscopes/series/z645.html



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