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UNITRON in Booth 2500 at IPC APEX Expo

UNITRON will attend the 2023 IPC APEX Expo on January 24-26 in sunny San Diego, CA. A variety of products will be on display and available for demonstration. Visit us in Booth 2500 for a personal demonstration or for information about any of our microscopes and imaging solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Below is a list of the products that you can see at the expo.

LX Microscopes by UNITRON

LX Microscopes by UNITRON® microscopes and accessories are designed and manufactured for the rigors of production and inspection environments. LX stereo microscopes feature high-quality achromatic lenses with anti-reflective coatings to deliver superior visual clarity. Systems 274, 374 and VIP feature ergonomic tilting binocular viewing heads for maximum comfort and easily adjust for multi-user environments. Many models are also available with ESD-safe treatments for use in static-sensitive environments.

System 373

TRU Trinocular Stereo-Zoom Microscopes all feature ESD-Safe observation.  The 0.7x-4.5x zoom range, 23mm optical systems and nearly 8” working distance (when used with a 0.5X reducing lens) make the System 373 microscopes ideal for inspection, training and documentation.  TRU Trinocular models allow the user to simultaneously view images on screen and through the eyepieces.

System 273

Binocular Stereo-Zoom Microscopes are perfect for assembly and rework applications.  The  0.7x-4.5x zoom range, 23mm optical system and nearly 8” working distance (when used with a 0.5X reducing lens) make the System 273 one of our most popular stereo microscopes.  Select models are also available with ESD-Safe surface treatment.

System 374

LX Microscopes by UNITRON’s System 374 is the newest addition to our industry renowned, ergonomic microscope family. The ergonomic features of the System 374 are ideal for prolonged use and offer added flexibility for multiple operator usage. Distortion free viewing through a high quality, 24mm optics system provides a 4X-25X magnification range when used with a 0.5X Reducing lens or an 8X-50X magnification range when used with a 1.0X Objective lens. Easy to adjust, tilting binocular eyetubes can be inclined from 0° to 30° and the eyetubes can be rotated 180° to increase the height by an additional 3 inches. Add a digital camera to the camera port to allow operators to
simultaneously view images on screen and through the eyepieces improving productivity.


ZoomHD delivers mighty digital inspection in a compact system.  The 0.7x - 5x zoom range is readily controlled using the front-mounted zoom knob. No PC is required with the built-in software.  The integrated ring light lets you easily adjust illumination. The compact footprint won't occupy precious bench space.

ASH Technologies Digital Inspection Solutions

Inspex 3

Inspex 3 digital microscope system is designed for smart inspection and basic measurement.  With a selected set of functions, a streamlined interface and the ability to create presets for rapid recall and inspection processes, Inspex 3 is
ideal for production and quality control environments.

Omni 3

Omni 3 is the most flexible and versatile digital microscope and measurement system available from Ash Technologies. Infused with a robust set of "core" features, the Omni 3 also offers an expansive suite of optional "apps" (including measurement & annotation, image comparisons, color analysis, object counting and DXF file import) to customize the Omni 3 to your particular need now and for what's to come.  It's practically future-proof!

Acumen AI

The Acumen AI Inspection System employs deep learning video analysis to automatically identify, detect, classify, measure and count a wide range of part defects to significantly increase production efficiency, eliminate human error and increase production throughput. Train the Acumen AI using your own learning models for your parts, specific to your needs.

UNITRON Ring Lights


The LED580-UV/Daylight ring light (CAT# 15859-B) features 80 powerful LEDs providing consistent even illumination; 40 UV-A LEDs (370-380nm) in the inner ring, 40 white LEDs in the outer ring.  The 8-button inner and outer ring segment controller allows independent control each quadrant of each LED ring.  It's wide 66mm inner diameter allows the LED580-UV/Daylight ring light to be mounted on almost any stereo microscope. Made in the USA!


The LED3000 with polarizing filters reduces glare while inspecting shiny parts and details.  The polarizing filter is built-in polarizing filter and the attachable analyzer filter can be rotated to optimize the polarization effect.  40 LED bulbs with variable intensity light control deliver up to 3600 foot candles at 4.5" working distance. The LED3000-PF is ESD safe and includes a static grounding cable. With a 66mm inner diameter, the LED3000 fits on most stereo microscopes. Made in the USA!

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