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5 Reasons Why the LED-3000 is at the Top of the Ring Light List

Proper illumination of a sample is nearly as important as magnification and optics when using a stereo microscope. Production, assembly, rework, inspection and quality control environments demand a ring light that maximizes light output and distribution while preventing harmful glare and reflections, and that’s where the LED-3000 comes in. Learn what sets it apart:

  1. An aluminum casing and screws hold the LED-3000 securely to the microscope lens or nose cone without stressing the LED polymer housing, minimizing cracking and breakage that are common on other ring lights.
  2. Forty brilliant LEDs are positioned asymmetrically (every other LED is angled opposite to the one adjacent to it),  creating an evenly illuminated area and minimizing a center dead zone.
  3. On/off and dimming controls (down to 10% light output) give a user complete control over their visual comfort. The 50,000 hour lamp life provides years of optimal illumination.
  4. An included ground cord makes the LED-3000 suitable for use in static-sensitive environments.
  5. Does glare affect your work?  Model LED3000-PF includes a built-in polarizing filter and attachable, rotatable analyzer to reduce  glare while inspecting shiny parts and details.

For more information about the LED-3000 or other accessories for LX Microscopes by UNITRON, contact Customer Support at 631-543-2000 or email us at info@unitronusa.com.

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