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UNITRON to Attend IMTS 2022

UNITRON Ltd. will be attending the IMTS 2022, September 12-17 in Chicago, IL. We will be displaying and demonstrating both traditional and digital solutions for inspection and quality control. Visit us in the Quality Assurance Pavilion, Booth # 135352 (East Building, Level 3; exhibit floor map shown at bottom).


The Inspex 3 is a full HD (1080p) digital microscope inspection system that operates without a PC. The Inspex 3 platform has a powerful image processing and control engine that delivers superb full live video image quality at 60 frames per second. This enables the system to be utilized as a solution in a broad range of quality control, testing, assembly, inspection and documentation tasks. It is ideal for production and quality control environments. The Inspex 3 provides efficiency, control and traceability of inspection.

The Omni 3 digital microscope delivers superb full HD live, lag-free video for a broad range of quality control, testing, rework, assembly, inspection, and documentation tasks. The user interface is custom designed to deliver intuitive and efficient operation directly on the monitor, without the need for a PC. It is easy to expand the capabilities of the Omni 3 by adding task-specific applications as your needs change and work evolves. Futureproof your inspection!


Stereo microscopes remain the gold standard for inspection, rework, assembly and quality control. Our LX Microscopes by UNITRON System 273 is a recognized leader in manual optical inspection. With a 23mm field of view and a 3.5x - 22.5x magnification range (with optional 0.5x reducing lens), the System 273 provides nearly 8" of working distance for a wide range of sample types and applications.

UNITRON will also display our Z650HR trinocular stereo microscope with a 0.6-5.0x zoom range and crisp optics. The integrated camera port allows for the easy addition of a digital camera for sample documentation and analysis, or instruction. The Z650HR is well suited for manufacturing and electronics assembly.


Our best-selling, ESD-safe LED3000 compact ring light is an ideal choice for routine inspection. Its 40 LEDs bulbs with variable intensity light control produce a cool 6000K color temperature and are rated at 50,000 hours. 9w of power produces 3600 foot candles at 4.5" working distance. Made in the USA.

The compact, ESD-safe LED140 polarizing ring light (CAT #15864-POL) features 40 LEDs with variable output producing 4030 foot candles at 4” and a cool 6000K color temperature. The polarizer and analyzer reduce glare and enhance detail in samples. The 66mm inner diameter accommodates many microscopes. Made in the USA.

The 15854 LED quadrant ring light features 72 LED bulbs with 10-step variable intensity light control built into the ring light housing. Users can direct the light to the sample from 4 separate quadrants. The cool 6400K color temperature is excellent for routine use such as inspection. A 60.5mm inner diameter fits onto many microscopes.

The LED580 ring light (CAT #15859-B) features 80 powerful LEDs in two rings. LED580 has variable control of quadrants for both rings and delivers a 6500K color temperature. The 66mm inner diameter accommodates many microscopes. The LED580 is also available with ESD treatment, a polarizer/analyzer, and as a combination daylight (outer ring) and UV (UV-A, inner ring) illuminator. Made in the USA.


Our EXAMET-5 advanced upright microscope features reflected light with a powerful 5W LED and long working distance Plan Achromat objectives. Polarizers/analyzers and color filters are available for analytical methods. The standard trinocular viewing head is ready to accept a digital camera (via camera adapter) for documentation and image analysis. Combine with our METRICAL materials analysis software (not on display at IMTS) for a variety of analyses of metallurgical and materials science samples.

LOCATION -- Booth #135352, Quality Assurance Pavilion, East Building, Level 3