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Press Release - 02-8-18 - UNITRON Introduces the Versamet 4 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

UNITRON Introduces the Versamet 4 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Commack, NY [February 8, 2018] — UNITRON Ltd. is pleased to introduce the Versamet 4 inverted metallurgical microscope. The Versamet 4 is the latest microscope offered by UNITRON for the observation of metallurgical and other specimens with episcopic illumination.

The Versamet 4 is a robust and user-friendly inverted microscope boasting multiple observation techniques, superb image quality and excellent cost-effective performance. With brightfield, polarized light, and optional darkfield and differential interference contrast observation methods, the Versamet 4 is a true workhorse instrument meeting the demands and high standards of today’s metallurgical laboratory. The low trinocular observation head ensures an unobstructed view of the specimen on the stage. Together with the brilliant 24V/100W halogen illumination, the Versamet 4 features fully adjustable and centerable aperture and field diaphragms. “The versatility and performance of the Versamet 4 make it an ideal choice for engineers and technicians in industrial environments performing observations, measurements and analyses of metallurgical, surface, flake, corrosion, fiber, electronics and other specimens,” said Peter Indrigo, Senior VP of UNITRON. “We are delighted to bring such a powerful and flexible instrument to our industrial users.”

For more information on the new UNITRON Versamet 4, please visit http://www.unitronusa.com/products/metallurgical-microscopes/versamet-4.



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