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Press Release - 02-13-18 - UNITRON Introduces the OMNI Lite Digital Inspection System

UNITRON Introduces the OMNI Lite Digital Inspection System

Commack, NY [February 13, 2018] — UNITRON Ltd. is delighted to unveil the OMNI Lite digital inspection system. The OMNI Lite offers many of the same features, benefits and functionality as the popular, award-winning OMNI, and was developed specifically for users seeking only basic operation.

Like the original OMNI, the OMNI Lite Digital Imaging System is an integrated full HD (1080p) digital microscope and measurement system that operates without a PC. The custom platform incorporates a highly configurable and upgradeable set of inspection and measurement applications such as focus stacking, side-by-side and overlay image comparison, and lens distortion correction. The OMNI Lite delivers superb full HD live video image quality at 60 frames per second enabling it to be used as a solution in a broad range of inspection, quality control, testing, rework, assembly, and documentation tasks.

Other Features and Benefits:
  • Intuitive, mouse-controlled Graphical User Interface for efficient, ergonomic operation. No need for a PC!
  • Maintains calibration across entire zoom range.
  • Full camera control (auto/manual focus, exposure, gain, brightness, white balance) ensure ultra-sharp, high contrast imaging.
  • Cable-free and interchangeable illumination modules attach in seconds.
  • Upgradeable to full OMNI functionality (2D measurement and on-screen reticule features are not available on the OMNI Lite).
  • Capture images to internal SD card, to attached USB drive, or to a network via Ethernet connection.

The OMNI Lite delivers crisp live HD images and improves workplace productivity and efficiency in a range of industries, including Medical Device, Electronics and Precision Engineering.

For more information on the new OMNI Lite, please visit the product page at http://www.unitronusa.com/products/digital-inspection/OMNI.



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