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UNITRON Reviews the Differences Between Digital and Optical Microscopes

UNITRON Ltd., a trusted manufacturer of microscopes for an array of industrial applications, highlights some of the differences between digital and optical microscopes and their distinct advantages. While both have seen advances in technology, there remain situations in which one type of instrument might be preferable.

Optical microscopes, often referred to as traditional microscopes, have been around for centuries. A stereo microscope continues to offer an image with an unmatched level of depth perception, thanks to its true binocular vision. For applications where a high magnification power is required, such as inspecting metallurgical samples, a compound optical microscope is the design of choice. This type of microscope also offers a higher degree of flexibility in terms of how the subject is viewed, as it allows the user to employ different contrast methods, such as DIC, fluorescence, and phase contrast.

Digital microscopes may offer advantages over traditional microscopes.  Where they may lack high magnification power, they may be easier to use than optical microscopes. Some models offer the convenience of having everything integrated including an HD monitor and built-in software for image capture and measurements, meaning that no external PC is required. Images can be manipulated on the screen and easily saved to a USB storage device with the click of a button. This ease of use makes digital microscopes a great choice for production and quality control environments.

To take advantage of the best of both worlds, users may also opt for an optical microscope and then attach a digital camera. UNITRON has specialized digital cameras for microscopy that can be used with trinocular microscopes.

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