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UNITRON Introduces New LED Ring Light with Near-Vertical Illumination

[March 2022] UNITRON is pleased to introduce our new LED ring light featuring near-vertical illumination.

The CAT# 15875 ring light features a small (removable) LED that is positioned between the optical paths of a stereo microscope. This central LED provides illumination deeper into and between structures of your sample to reveal details typically hidden when using a traditional annular ring light. 54 high-brightness LEDs encircle the central LED in two rows, and features stepless intensity adjustment from 0%-100% (the central LED is not dimmable, but can be removed). The 15875 generates up to 50,000 lux with 8500K color temperature (5500K with the optional warming filter).

Figure 1. Standard LED ring light illumination (left), new LED ring light with near-vertical illumination (right).

Optional accessories include a longer central LED, 5 snap-on filters (clear, diffusing, amber, blue, warming) for application need, and a battery pack (requires 8 AA batteries).

The 15875 has a 61mm inner diameter and fits most stereo microscopes including the UNITRON Z850, Z730 and Z650HR. Optional adapters expand its compatibility with other stereo microscopes.

Visit the 15875 product page for more detail: https://microscopes.unitronusa.com/led-double-ring-light-near-vertical-illumination.html

2 thoughts on “UNITRON Introduces New LED Ring Light with Near-Vertical Illumination”

  • Meghan Dogherty
    Meghan Dogherty June 28, 2022 at 12:18 pm

    Hi I am looking to order item 15854 is the 15875 the same item now?

    • mark.clymer@accu-scope.com
      mark.clymer@accu-scope.com July 20, 2022 at 9:10 am

      The 15854 and 15875 are different ring lights (https://microscopes.unitronusa.com/unitron-microscopes/parts-accessories/illumination/led-ring-led-fiber-optic-illuminators.html). The 15854 has quadrant control of the ring of LEDs. The 15875 is our newest ring light and features an LED that extends almost to the optical path and provides nearly vertical illumination of your sample (you can see deeper into holes and valleys).

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