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Press Release - 05-18-18 - UNITRON Introduces the Omni Core Digital Inspection System

UNITRON Introduces the Omni Core Digital Inspection System

Commack, NY [May 18, 2018] — UNITRON Ltd. is delighted to introduce the Omni Core Digital Microscope & Measurement System. As the successor to the Omni and Omni Lite, the Omni Core brings the same basic features, benefits and functionality as its predecessors, with the ultimate advantage of being fully customizable through a menu of “à la carte” applications to meet the specific needs of the customer.

The Omni Core (developed by Ash Technologies Ltd.) is an integrated, full HD (1080p) inspection solution that operates without a PC. In its standard configuration, the customizable platform incorporates a robust set of standard features for imaging including autofocus, illumination control, pre-calibrated to NIST-traceable standard (ISO 17025), user privileges, and options for image and data storage and sharing. Customers may also choose from an ever-growing selection of optional applications (“apps”) for advanced imaging and measuring capabilities, all designed to deliver fast, reliable and repeatable results. Optional apps include:

  • 2D Measurement & Annotation: Accurately measure and annotate with lines, angles & circles to accommodate a multitude of samples
  • Automatic Measurement: Rapidly conducts multiple measurements simultaneously for samples requiring accurate and repeatable measurements
  • AutoCAD DXF File Import: Import AutoCAD DXF files to create graticules for overlay comparison with critical parts, and automatic online pass/fail analysis
  • On-screen Graticules: Create your own Go/No-Go on-screen digital graticules to quickly identify sample defects and differences
  • Image Comparators: Side-by-side and overlay comparators allow for rapid identification of differences between gold samples and test samples to improve Quality Assurance
  • Focus Stacking: Create a single high-resolution image automatically from multiple focal planes making inspection quicker and easier

“It shouldn’t be one size fits all. The Omni Core is an exceptional inspection instrument that, through its configurability and optional apps, better suits the users own unique needs and processes than its competition,” said Brian Taub, Executive VP of UNITRON. “As a result of this extreme flexibility, the Omni Core can address the inspection and budget requirements of customers, offering them a tailored solution that can evolve with their changing operational needs. Ash Technologies continuously develops new apps, and the Omni Core provides an elegant platform to support new inspection requirements for QA, and workflow speed and efficiency.”

With a powerful image processing and control engine that delivers superb full HD live video image quality at 60 frames per second, the Omni Core is an ideal solution in a broad range of quality control, testing, rework, assembly, inspection, and documentation tasks. The custom-designed, mouse-controlled GUI (Graphical User Interface) delivers intuitive and efficient operation and control of the application suite. The Omni Core has been ergonomically designed to improve workplace productivity and efficiency in a range of industries including Medical Device, Electronics and Precision Engineering.

For more information on the new Omni Core, please visit our product page at http://www.unitronusa.com/products/digital-inspection/omni.



UNITRON specializes in high quality, precision instruments for industrial, clinical, life science, research and educational applications. Since 1952 UNITRON’s microscopes and related optical accessories have been consistently used and trusted worldwide in companies such as Intel, BAE Systems, ITT, GE, Williams Co., DuPont, Boeing, 3M, Alcoa, MIT, Raytheon, Sony, Texas Instruments, iRobot, Northrop Grumman, United Technologies, and the Mayo Clinic. Manufactured and assembled to the strictest quality standards, our products are available exclusively through a nationwide network of authorized distributors.  Visit us at http://unitronusa.com/.


Ash Technologies is an Irish company established in 1994 specializing in digital magnification and imaging solutions designed for industry. Our award winning, internationally recognized product design has affirmed Ash Technologies as an innovation leader in product design, development and image quality. Our Inspection solutions can improve production process quality and fault detection, provide better cost efficiencies, increase operator performance and productivity, aid training and offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. Visit Ash Technologies at https://ash-vision.com/.

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