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Benefits of Stereo Microscopes With Digital Cameras

It can be difficult to keep one eye closed while looking through a microscope eyepiece with the other eye. A stereo microscope eliminates the need to close one of your eyes because it has two (or more) eyepieces. The ability to view specimens with more than one eye allows for greater depth perception, in addition to many other benefits depending on the features and accessories of your model. Now add a digital camera to the stereo microscope and you also have documentation, sharing and analysis capabilities. Let’s take a look at three of the best features you can get out of stereo microscopes with digital cameras. 

3 Features of Stereo Microscopes With Digital Cameras

  • View Objects in Three Dimensions

One of the greatest advantages of stereo microscopes with digital cameras is that they enable observers to view objects in three dimensions while offering live observation of samples on monitors. Most traditional microscopes only display objects in two dimensions — but when looking through a stereo microscope with a digital camera, observers can view specimens such as rings, coins, insects, plants, or anything else in three dimensions, providing the clearest image imaginable, and then snap a photo to preserve it.

  • Zoom Magnification

Our stereo microscopes with digital cameras come with a zoom magnification feature. This provides an exceptional range of options regarding resolution and magnification and gives users ample control over focus. The zoom magnification feature enables observers to gradually enlarge the specimen they are viewing more smoothly than traditional microscopes, which generally have fixed objective magnifications.

  • Illuminate Specimens

Another excellent benefit of stereo microscopes with digital cameras is the enhanced visibility you get from illumination options. Stereo microscopes with digital cameras can include a conventional illuminator below the stage, in addition to another one above your objective lens. Other illuminators allow you to direct the light to the sample through flexible “goosenecks”.  There are many options from which to choose, so that you can pick the right light to observe specimens in stunning three-dimensional detail.

Order Stereo Microscopes With Digital Cameras From Unitron

As you can see, there are so many benefits you can enjoy when you observe specimens through a stereo microscope with a digital camera. Rather than limiting yourself to two dimensions of detail, you can view all three dimensions and enjoy better control over zoom and focus, in addition to better illumination when you use stereo microscopes with digital cameras. Contact UNITRON to get a quote on stereo microscopes with digital cameras today. 

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