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Inspex 3

Inspex 3 Digital Microscope System

The Inspex 3 is a full HD (1080p) digital microscope inspection system that operates without a PC. The Inspex 3 platform has a powerful image processing and control engine that delivers superb full live video image quality at 60 frames per second. This enables the system to be utilized as a solution in a broad range of quality control, testing,  assembly, inspection and documentation tasks.  It is ideal for production and quality control environments. The Inspex 3 provides efficiency, control and traceability of inspection.

Several new key features deliver faster, more reliable results:

  • 3 New Focus Modes:
    • Superfast Auto-Focus instantly focuses on the part being inspected.
    • Rocker Focus toggles between two focus points.
    • SpotFocus™ instantly focuses with the click of the mouse.

  • RTLDC™ & AshCal™: The patent-pending Real Time Lens Distortion Correction and AshCal factory precalibration ensure that every image is ready for the most exacting measurements.

  • AshTruColour™ ensures that the images are crisp, brilliant, and reflect the true color of the sample.

  • Inspex 3 has No Video Latency allowing operators to inspect, assemble, rework, or modify any part without a delay in the video display.

  • Fully-integrated and complete solution: Inspex 3 is complete and ready to go right out of the box. Just add an HD monitor.

  • New KP3 key pad allows rapid camera and illumination control.


Inspex 3. Simply Smarter.

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Inspex 3

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4 Item(s)