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Ash Technologies designs and delivers compelling digital vision, digital inspection and measurement solutions, designed and executed with beauty and simplicity.

The NEW Inspex 3 Smart Inspection Digital Microscope System is ideally suited for inspection and basic measurement in production and quality control environments. Its fast, full HD live image display, intuitive software interface, AshCal™ calibration tracking, measurement tools and presets are all designed to accelerate and simplify sample inspection.

The NEW Omni 3 Digital Microscope and Measurement System provides customers the flexibility to configure the system to suit the requirements of the application.  Beginning with a "core" set of capabilities for observation, acquisition and documentation, the Omni 3 can be readily upgraded with an assortment of inspection and measurement apps designed to provide reproducible results with less time and less error.

The NEW Quantum Field of View Digital Microscope and Measurement System defines its own category for digital inspection.  Quantum features capabilities such as automatic part alignment and automatic measurement, combined with AshCal™ calibration, that allow rapid PASS/FAIL tolerance assessments.  Quantum is an ideal instrument for precision engineering environments with high-throughput inspection needs such as medical devices.

The Inspex HD 1080p Digital Microscope provides accurate & detailed inspection thanks to its high dynamic range, wide zoom range and integrated LED illumination. With real-time on-screen dimensioning by integrated XY grids and cursors, he Inspex HD 1080p is well suited for repair & rework, quality control & failure diagnosis processes across a wide range of industries.

Digital Inspection