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Omni 3 Measurement App Bundle

Catalog #:148-011

Quick Overview


  • Omni 3 Measurement App Bundle (not compatible with Omni or Omni Core)
  • Includes both 2D Measurement, Graticules & Annotation App (CAT # 148-001) and Z Height Measurement App (CAT # 148-008).
  • 2D Measurement App:
    • Intuitive on-screen full 2D measurement application.
    • Point-to-point, diameter, angle, adjustable X-Y grid, shapes and annotation features to accommodate a multitude of samples and specifications.
    • Graticule creation allows rapid sample analysis against on-screen digital templates with tolerance limits, enabling quick go/no-go defect analysis.​
  • Z Height Measurement App:
    • Measure in the Z axis (height), in addition to the X and Y axes.
    • Rapidly inspect parts up to five times faster than compared to outdated manual inspection methods.​