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Gemology and Jewelry-making microscopes must deliver multiple illumination and contrast methods, providing the operator/artist with the utmost in comfort, resolution, control and functionality. Gemology and jewelry-making are serious businesses and demand serious, high quality microscopes.

UNITRON gemological microscopes have been developed following years of research and the input of dozens of top gemologists from around the world. Our traditional stereo microscopes may also be suitable for gemology, jewelry-making and engraving. Our “gem-specific” microscopes are mounted to a swivel/tilting base and come with darkfield illumination, a fluorescent overhead light and flexible LED light guide. Built-in click stops ensure reproducible observations at 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x and 50x magnifications. Attach a digital camera to the optional trinocular port and the specimen can be viewed live on a monitor, or a picture captured for documentation of the piece.

UNITRON microscopes provide comfortable, ergonomic working positions to reduce neck and shoulder strain, allowing the user to focus on the project and make the work more enjoyable.


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10 Item(s)