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Acumen AI Artificial Intelligence Inspection System

Catalog #:14870

Quick Overview

Acumen AI uses next generation, deep learning video analysis and is designed and developed by Ash.  Automatically identify, detect, classify, measure and count a wide range of part defects.  Use the power of Acumen AI to significantly increase production efficiency, eliminate human error and increase production throughput.

Develop your own machine learning models for your parts, for your needs.  Ash can also develop a complete turnkey AI solution tailored to your situation.


  • Deep Learning Models provide situation-specific analysis of samples.  Models include Object Detection, Anomaly Detection, Segmentation, Classification and Combination (optional extra).
  • Features of Acumen AI:
    • Easy setup and no prior knowledge of programming is needed.
    • Powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, computer vision techniques and deep learning.
    • Traceable results can be exported saving manual entry time and increasing security.
    • 21CFR Part 11 compliant follows GMP requirements and simplifies IQ/OQ/PQ qualification.
  • Benefits of Acumen AI:
    • Improves quality and reduces waste by providing better detection rates leading to fewer false rejections and product recalls.
    • Remove subjectivity by adhereing to the deep learning modules and eliminating the human eye which tires over time.
    • Increased efficiency through training to inspect multiple parts simultaneously, ability to operate 24/7, and integration with robotics and conveyer systems.
  • What's included: Acumen Camera Head, Stand, ACU, Keypad, Mouse, ASH PC Capture


OPTICAL Magnification Range (X) 2.5 - 68
X-axis FOV (mm) 200 - 7.5
Y-axis FOV (mm) 112 - 4.2
DIGITAL Magnification Range (X) 69d - 136.5d
X-axis FOV (mm) 7.5 - 3.75
Y-axis FOV (mm) 4.2 - 2.1
Working Distance (mm) 195
Depth of Field (mm) 80 (min. zoom) / 0.5 (max. optical)
Magnification Range (with supplied +5 Lens) 2.2 - 131.7x
Camera Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Monitor Connections HDMI / DVI
Monitor Requirements HD Ready / Full HD (Recommended)
Input / Output HDMI Output
USB 2.0 (x4 Ports)
Mini USB Port
General Purpose IO (x3 Ports)
DC Power Jack 24V
Internal Storage 16GB
Image Capture Internal Storage
Removable USB Image Storage
USB on the Go (PC Connectivity)
Power 24W
Dimensions (LWH) 165mm x 170mm x 216mm
Weight 1.75kg
Operating Temperature Storage 10°C to 60°C
Operating 5°C to 40°C